It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village.


Gillian's Story


I was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of two. At times, I can’t express how I am feeling because I am non-verbal. Sometimes I become overstimulated and don’t know where to direct how I am feeling. Other times I may not feel well and can’t express it the way most kids do. I may have a stomach ache or a headache and I can’t tell anyone.

For all of these reasons and for other unknown reasons related to my disorder, I at times will make noises or have behaviors that the “norm” do not understand. Things such as going grocery shopping, going to the mall, the movies, vacations, doctor offices and parties are sometimes difficult because many people don’t recognize or understand what autism is and the behaviors it brings that are at many times uncontrollable.

You may feel bad for me because of my disorder but don’t… I have the most incredible family that supports and loves me for who I am! You may think I don’t have a voice but I do and it is sometimes more powerful than those who can speak! I do speak and my amazing family hears me with unconditional love and wants me to experience life and all it has to offer.

The general public at times misunderstands those impacted with ASD. When on a plane or at restaurants people will stare and judge. They mostly do this because they don’t understand why I am acting the way I do. They may even wonder why did my family bring me to this location.  They brought me because I am a loved member of the family and I want to be there just as much as you do.

This is why my sister Morgan created the “Hi My Name is Gillian” card. This card introduces me, my diagnosis and shares with the recipient how my family, like their family, wants to enjoy wherever we are. These cards have been well received by strangers on planes, in airports, vacation resorts and restaurants.

This card can be used by your family as well so that you can take advantage of the understanding and compassion it has brought to my family!

mancini family.jpg

Obtain a card for your loved one with special needs. The front of the card will display your child's picture. The back will have the following:

Hi, my name is (your child's name), and I am (your child's diagnosis). The sounds you hear me make are the way I communicate. Sometimes my disability causes me to have outbursts. (this can be customized to describe your child's behavior). My family and I want to enjoy this location just like you. Thank you in advance for your patience, kindness and understanding.

Our mission is to spread awareness and promote acceptance.